Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fall Trimester with NOMAD LAB

12 weeks of NOMAD LAB!!! Where to start??!!!
This has been a remarkable trimester with the residents, teaching artists and NOMAD LAB partners. We had many breakthroughs:
- NOMAD LAB received a donation of 10 laptops that allowed us to open a computer class for adults in the community, as well as support our existing Electronic Music Lab for youth. 
- Mr. Jose Chunga joined our team of NOMAD instructors. He is the first Valle del Oro resident leading a NOMAD LAB workshop. Mr. Chunga has done an inspired job this semester, and we hope other residents follow his lead. 
- We added 2 new workshops for youth:
Candrice Jones, a recent graduate from CalArts, taught our first-ever Storytelling Lab. This creative writing workshop was inspired by Elsa Colorado, one of our NOMAD students, who early on identified the need for a place to share stories in our community
Jan Smail led the Cooking Lab whihc included both adult and youth participants. A wonderful and tasty success!!
- NOMAD LAB partnered with CalArts theater student Sam Breen and mother Lydia Breen in their Trailer Project. This is an outstanding public art project that invited students to explore and define their ideas of "home" and "community" through theater games, creative writing and visual arts. 
- For the first time, NOMAD was allowed to occupy 2 (instead of only one) apartments in The Village Apartment Complex. This allowed us to add classes for adults and install our computer studios. Thank you to The Village Management Staff for their continued trust and support!
- NOMAD LAB has been honored with recognitions from the City of Santa Clarita and the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations and we remain humble and grateful for their constant trust and support. 
- CalArts students in the Arts and Activism class visited our NOMAD LAB spaces and worked with our students during 2 of our sessions. This direct relationship with CalArts students will continue, and students will receive credit for their work in NOMAD.

Thank you to our courageous participants and their supportive parents for the work they are creating in NOMAD LAB. They are the leaders of change in the Valle del Oro Community. And to our volunteer instructors... you are the proof that passion and creativity are the engines of change.

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Below are some of the pictures that capture our work this trimester. Enjoy and see you on February 5th!