Monday, March 15, 2010


NOMAD LAB is a laboratory of creativity, collaboration and community for youth and their families, located in the heart of the Valle del Oro neighborhood in Newhall and the Jakes Way neighborhood in Canyon Country. NOMAD LAB designs and implements free inclusive arts, capacity building and leadership programs to address rise in illegal activity, provide art-centered programs for youth and families, and to offer a safe forum for dialogue, learning and community engagement. NOMAD LAB’s multigenerational and multi-locational programming makes use of vacant apartments available in the community. The program moves to different locations throughout the neighborhoods as the apartments it occupies become rented, hence the “nomadic” nature of its programs. NOMAD LAB is a collaborative project that relies on the passion, commitment and strong partnerships with community youth, parents, teaching artists, property managers, policy makers, and City staff.  Through its inclusive and innovative pedagogical approach and community-based programs, NOMAD LAB aims to be a laboratory for “home-grown” change.
NOMAD LAB workshops are taught by professional visual and performing artists. We are also honored to include neighborhood residents in the roster of NOMAD educators.
Beyond its impact in the Valle del Oro community, NOMAD LAB plans to continue to work closely with policy makers, City staff, community organizers, and educators to design neighborhood-specific inclusive and integrated alternatives to traditional gang-suppression and graffiti abatement strategies. NOMAD LAB is committed to developing a successful community organizing and engagement model that can be successfully replicated and implemented in other low and moderate-income rental communities in Los Angeles County dealing with issues of neighborhood violence and intolerance.

City of Santa Clarita, Community Services Division: Cynthia Llerenas and Hope Horner
GHP Management/The Village Apartments' Management Staff
Park Sierra Apartments' Management Staff
Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission
Mc Grath Elementary School

Evelyn Serrano, Program Director and Teaching Artist

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