Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fall 2012 at Valle del Oro

Returning Nomad Lab instructors and participants welcomed new classes and teachers to our Valle del Oro apartment last semester! New classes included an adult Painting class taught by community resident Joaquin, Visual Arts Visiting Artists workshops, and a Zine/Illustration class led by Pedro Lavin and Megan Broughton. Our popular Dance and Beat Labs (taught by Karla Rubio and Alfredo Miranda respectively) returned in full force for a busy semester.

The students of Joaquin's Painting class worked from life and photos to create some beautiful acrylic paintings (photos soon, hopefully!!). This class will be returning in Spring 2013 to further their skills and hopefully welcome some new members!

Students in our Beat Lab continued working with Alfredo Miranda to learn the basics of electronic music production ranging from ideas brainstorming to editing. Their tracks will be used for our upcoming indiegogo campaign and in collaboration with our upcoming Film/Video and Theater classes.

 Our first ever Visiting Artists class was a series of 2 week workshops led by artists in various fields. Over the course of the semester, participants worked with nine artists on many different projects, learning new techniques and ideas. In Spring 2013, we'll have another Visual Arts Visiting Artist class AND one for Film/Video!
Visiting Artists: Coral Fowler and Karina Yanez, bookmaking;   Jessica Castillo, sound art;   Armando Martinez-Celis, observational drawing;   Mitch Cox and Taylor Giali, collage;   Ana Garcia, Kristine Tomaro, and Jenny Lin, zines and publications.


 The Illustration class, facilitated by Pedro Lavin and Megan Broughton, founded a micro press for the neighborhood, Nomad Press, and produced two projects: Auto/Biographies and Nomadic Fictions working collaboratively and individually. Their zines were sold on consignment at Skylight Books and The Pop-Hop in Los Angeles! A continuing relationship with these two stores was established and zines from Spring 2013 will also be sold through them.

 And of course the Dance class was jam-packed with two sessions each Saturday! The girls worked with Karla Rubio toward their annual performance at the Valle del Oro Community Festival on Saturday, May 4th from 1 to 4pm. Don't miss them!

Here are some photos of our Fall together! Photos by Coral Fowler, Taylor Giali, Megan Broughton and Nomad Lab participants.

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