Friday, July 13, 2012

NOMAD Highlight: Karla Rubio and Dance Workshop

Karla Rocks! Literally. Karla is our new dance teacher and a Valle del Oro resident. Her daughters Marleny and Samantha are NOMAD LAB participants and, of course, they are great dancers in their own right. Karla's passion for dance and choreography are infectious. She has been working with the youth on several pieces, three of which were performed by the youth at our last community festival back in May 5th. Karla is well versed in many different dance styles including hip hop, danza folclorica, belly dance, merengue, and the list goes on... But the best thing about Karla is her commitment to working with youth. She wants the dancers to shine, even if it takes rehearsing a 20 second section of the dance 20 times. "We need to get it right, girls!"

And the girls delivered. They were absolutely amazing at their festival performance. I will be posting photos of the festival in upcoming posts, but here are some with the dancers. 

Funny thing is, after the festival was over they told Karla they did not want to stop. They convinced Karla to continue teaching them over the summer, even though the rest of the NOMAD classes will resume only in September. So I gave Karla the key to the space, and they have been going to rehearsals every Saturday. We are truly blessed by Karla's leadership and talent. 

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