Friday, July 13, 2012

NOMAD LAB at CalArts

Wow! We've had  quite a Spring semester!
One of the highlights was our first art exhibition and reading at CalArts, organized by NOMAD LAB teaching artist Ebony Williams. Ebony taught the Creative Writing and Puppet Workshop and had a group of 8 eager and really talented young participants. They worked on fictional stories and characters, and designed and created puppets (ragdolls) that represented alter egos of the artists. The process of making the puppets was quite laborious and very thoughtful: from selecting the color of their character's skin, to writing words onto their character's body's, and designing their puppets attributes... every step was an exercise on self knowledge, a game of "identity-making"...

But it gets better. The youth's published stories and finished puppets were on exhibit at the CalArts Library for all to enjoy. We also had a special reading for a CalArts audience and the kids got a guided tour of the school (favorite spots, hands down, were the CalArts sublevel and the tabla concert by Hands On'semble... CalArts is an amazing place).

This work will be on exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum as well! Show is opening tomorrow at 7pm. Come by and support the work of these remarkable artists.

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