Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo Lab / Spring 2011

Photo Lab participants worked with teaching artists and visual artists Megan Broughton and Karina Yanez to create our first Valle del Oro photo mural. Armed with digital and disposable cameras, the artists canvased the neighborhood for visually compelling images that would uncover both the beautiful and the mundane. Their resulting mural was created using approximately 200 digital color prints, carefully selected and collaged after a long editorial process where many wonderful images were discarded and others took their rightful place in the finished piece. The photo mural became a way of mapping the space right outside our doors; those spaces that, although quite familiar, are also the canvas for much beauty. The mural was exhibited and shared with the Valle del Oro neighborhood residents during our third Community Festival in May 2011. Many found that the mural allowed them to see their neighborhood as if through a new pair of eyes. 

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