Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visiting artists and performers at NOMAD LAB!

This has been a great trimester for NOMAD LAB, in big part because of a series of exceptional artists and performers who have shared their skills, work, and yes, some insider's secrets with us. 

For starters we had Artzine Eyeball Burp's founders Ann Matsushima and Alex Chiu present a workshop on the history and evolution of the Art Zine. Did I mention that Ann and Alex are avid zine-collectors in addition to being super talented writers and artists? They brought in several zines from their collection which challenged any traditional notions of what an art book could be in the hands of a generous artist. In their workshop, we also learned about several different ways to create multiples of a single publication, while using the process of copying (as in xeroxing) as an art form in and of itself. 

They returned the following Saturday to demonstrate their process of creating a collaborative off-the-wall graffiti mural inspired by the Surrealist's exquisite corpse art game. A group of about 20 NOMAD LAB participants, markers in hand, worked together to create a collaborative graffiti mural on a precut piece of plywood. The group was given about 1-minute long sessions to draw on the wood. After a minute, we all had to take a step to the right and continue a drawing started by another artist. We then proceeded to add color to our drawings using the same process of rotation around our "canvas". This all took about 2 hours. When we all felt that the piece was finished, the participants selected a spot on one of our walls and installed the artwork for all to enjoy.  We are all very proud of how the final piece turned out. And we all really enjoy working off of each other. Thank you Ann and Alex!!

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