Friday, December 16, 2011

"HOME", our first animated film / Spring 2011

This last Spring we worked on our first animated film entitled "Home". This project, a part of our NOMAD LAB Visual Arts Lab, was created by a group of 12 young artists ages 7 through 13. The project explored our vision of our neighborhood, as well as the concept of "home". The process included dialogue about what do we need to create a safe and beautiful "home" for ourselves and for our loved ones. We also talked about the importance of friendship, tolerance, and respect in creating Home.  We used pastel crayons and performed our skits, while shooting a stop animation movie. After the film was edited and ready for primetime, we had our first screening in Sam Breen's trailer (he brought it to our neighborhood for that purpose). It was wonderful to have our film inhabit the magical trailer, and it also becomes a home for Sam and his mom. We had a very special time together.

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