Friday, December 16, 2011

NOMAD LAB's Architecture Lab

In the Spring, NOMAD LAB brought back its popular Architecture Lab. Taught by LA-based architect Javier Barajas, the lab allows participants an opportunity to learn about architecture as a career, and to explore the process of creating homes, neighborhoods and cities. The Lab partnered with Sam Breen's Trailer Trash Project and participants worked closely with the trailer's owners to design remodeling proposals to fit the owners' needs for their new home. Students were also introduced to basic concepts having to do with green energy and sustainability and have been able to witness and participate in the process of imagining the remodel of the old Spartan trailer that will also serve as a theater stage and art gallery. The young artists worked on furniture design and developed prototypes for multifunctional items for the trailer (ie: sofa/storage unit, fold-in table, table/chair combo, etc).

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