Friday, December 16, 2011

NOMAD LAB wins grass-roots grant!

NOMAD LAB is always looking out for ways to support the programs and events we organize. Early this year we applied for and received a small grant awarded by the Artist Bailout Project.  Artist Bailout is a community driven means to fund the arts during the current economic crisis. This new philanthropic model brings together artists and patrons for a dinner which is part performance, part fundraiser and culminates in the awarding of two micro-grants.  Thank you Artist Bailout and all of you out there who supported our projects!

The grant we received was put to great use this last year. We were able to cover pressing needs for several of the arts workshops that are led up to the Community Festival on May 6th, 2011 and our dialogue celebration. Here is how we used the funds:

- Printer cartridges to print photo tiles for Dialogue Photo Mural / Photography Lab
- Honorarium for speaker Melissa Shepard for presentation on inter-racial tolerance
- Covered the purchase of ingredients for 5 of our Cooking Lab workshops where guest chefs taught healthy recipes to youth and their families
- Covered the purchase of paint and brushes to complete a public art project in which the youth designed oversized signs with their thoughts about their homes and neighborhoods

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